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Rasoul Abdollahi -Evin prison


Maryam Naghash-Zargaran -Evin prison


Ebrahim Firouzi - Evin prison


Detained Christian- Saeed Abedini


Detained Christian- Shiraz ,Iran


Detained Christian-Tehran Iran


Torture of a convert by Iranian regime


Iran burned New Testments !



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Latest Update on Christian Prisoners' Transfer to Rajaei-Shahr Prison

As part of the project to close down ward 350 of Evin prison, prison authorities moved seven prisoners of conscience to Rajaei-Shahr prison. After being admitted to the Rajaei-Shahr prison, they were held in the quarantine ward for several days and eventually were sent to different sections of the pr...

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Iranian actress rejects chador, storms off show

Famous Iranian actress Narges Mohammadi was set to host an evening of shows in the small town of Haji Abad last week, but everything turned upside down when the local iman demanded that she wear not just a hijab (or headscarf) but a chador, or full-body covering. Mohammadi is alleged to have been so angry that she stormed out of the show, to the ire of the co...

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MP suspects foreign influence in recent acid-throwing cases

A member of Iranian Parliament's National Security Commission says "foreign and Zionist Intelligence Services" are supporting the perpetrators of the recent acid-throwing attacks on women in Is...



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