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Maryam Naghash-Zargaran -Evin prison


Ebrahim Firouzi - Evin prison


Detained Christian- Saeed Abedini


Detained Christian- Shiraz ,Iran


Detained Christian-Tehran Iran


Torture of a convert by Iranian regime


Iran burned New Testments !


Over the course of the past two days a wave of executio.ns in Iran has taken place with at least eight and up to 11 people hanged in public executions. One of the executions was conducted by a young boy.

digital journal is reporting that, Mehdi Faraji, 37, was hanged in public in Qazvin on Thursday. He was convicted of murdering five women who had boarded his mini bus. According to Iran Human Rights a young boy was used to remove the chair that Mehdi was standing on carrying out the execution. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights strongly condemned today's execution and said : "These barbaric executions and using ordinary citizens, especially the minors to carry out these executions must be condemned by the world community".

He added : "Iranian leaders must be held accountable for promoting a culture of murder and brutality in Iran". According to the Herald Sun five people were hanged in public yesterday and two more were executed behind the public's eyes. In Shiraz two men convicted of armed robbery and two convicted of rape were executed. In Sari two convicted of drug trafficking were also hanged. In Yasouj four convicted drug smugglers were hanged in prison.


The execution total for Iran in 2011 according to media reports stands at 143. Iran claims that the death penalty is needed to maintain law and order. In April Amnesty International reports that Iran executed two juvenile offenders convicted of rape and murder when they were 17. "Yet again, Iran has distinguished itself by being the only country this year to execute juvenile offenders. No more juvenile offenders must die at the hands of the state," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Programme "Not only were these young men executed for crimes committed when aged under 18, but their executions were carried out in public. Public executions are not only a violation of the right to life, but are a gross affront to human dignity which cannot be tolerated."

In 2010 at lest 252 people were executed in Iran according government reports to Amnesty International. The actual number is estimated to be over 550. Many of those executed have been convicted of drug trafficking. Those on trial in Iran often do not have long to wait to hear their fate. Trials can take place in just a few minutes. Mass trials are also said to take place in the nation. Those convicted of drug trafficking are denied the right to appeal in a court system that has sped the judicial processing of those cases.

Late in 2010 a new Anti-Narcotics Law came into being making it easier to give a death sentence to those convicted of drug trafficking. The families of executed persons are not always given their loved ones bodies. In some cases it has been reported that relatives have been ordered to pay for the rope used to kill their family members prior to receiving the body.

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