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pope-naseri-1The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Vatican indicated that the "Evangelical Christianity" Is a political phenomenon which the imperialist system uses to create enmity between Islam and Christianity.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

It is very clear to everyone that the foreign policy of Islamic Republic has always been two-sided, contradictory, and vague. Although this approach has always caused negative results for both the authorities of the regime and the Iranian nation, they continue to rely on approach.

Mohabat News reports that the pro-government news service "Mehr" quoted Mullah Ali Akbar Naseri, the ambassador of Iranian regime to Vatican as saying," The Vatican in its official stance does not have any strategies for evangelizing Muslims." He said these words in a conference called "Islamic awakening and the world of Christianity" which was held in the auditorium of the Islamic Propagation Office of the Islamic Republic's spiritual capital of Qom.

"Today, improper Hijab and anarchy are political tools to oppose the Islamic regime and in just the same way, the imperialists are working with political anger and prejudice to break the relation between Iran and Vatican." He continued.

- The Catholic view about evangelism

These unwise words of the Iranian ambassador to Vatican are being said while the evangelism and spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a top priority for every Christian regardless their denomination. Catholic Christians and the Pope himself believe in "evangelism" as a high-priority and know it as a task for the Catholic Church.

The VOA reported recently that the Pope said in a meeting with the council of the religious propagators that "the evangelism and spreading of Christianity among the people is a right of the catholic church"
He also said: "Catholic Church has this right to invite people to the Christianity and it's also a great task for the church and every single church member".

- The government supported Iranian media against Pope

Recently, some of the regime-supported Medias published news indicating that some Iranian bishops have visited the Pope. A pro-government news service "Farda News" widely criticized this action and claimed that the supreme figure of the catholic Christianity has requested Iranian bishops to base their programs on expanding evangelical works while they should consider the great Persian culture and civilization in different cities and different neighborhoods of Tehran.

This news service added: "During this meeting, the Pope also asked these bishops to develop charitable activities of the Catholic Church to make a good impression of the church among the Iranians. He also indicated that the house churches are the easiest and cheapest ways to spread Christianity."

In the meeting held in the city of Qom, Mullah Naseri, the Iranian ambassador to Vatican emphasized the importance of the interaction between the Islamic and the Christian worlds. "We can have good interactions between Islam and Christianity!" He said. This Mullah mentioned these words while almost every day we hear about the crackdown of the Christians and non-Shia religions by the Islamic Regime of Iran.

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