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nadarkhani-divan-1The Supreme Court of Iran announced in a statement that Nadarkhani's verdict has been annulled and no final decision has been made up to this date.

According to Iranian Christian News Agency, MohabatNews,The Supreme Court of Iran has indicated in its statement that "due to some defection in Nadarkhani's case, his case has been sent to the local court to be reviewed and completed in some points.

The website of the Supreme Court of the country published: "after completion and elimination of defects, the verdict will be issued again. If the accused appealed then the case would be sent to the Supreme Court again and there the final sentence will be issued.

Gholamhossein Mohseni Eje'ei, Prosecutor General of the country was saying in a press conference on Monday that "No verdict has been issued on this case. The case is still at the investigation level and it's open. Of course the accused has the right to appeal at every level of the investigation but the inquiry about this case has not been finished".

Supreme Leader to decide on Nadarkhani's Case!

khamenehi-nadarkhaniAlso, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Nadarkhani's attorney says that his client's case has been forwarded to [Supreme Leader] Khamenei for a decision.

Dadkhah, said that the act of forwarding a judicial case to the Supreme Leader is unusual and he hopes that his client's death sentence will be overturned in keeping with Iran's international agreements. He also told one news service that he has informed the court of comments about apostasy from some senior Islamic clerics who are not happy with this verdict.

"It has been said to some of the colleagues of ours in the city of Rasht that the final decision strongly relies on the Fatwa of the Supreme Leader Khamenei." he added.

"Non-Trinitarian Christians"

Yousef Nadarkhani, 35, who is called pastor by his colleagues, is a non-Trinitarian Christian, who has been held in jail since October 12, 2009. He has been accused of renouncing his Islamic religion at the age of 19.

Non-Trinitarian Christians maquinas de slots online or Branhamists are considered a cult by Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches alike because they reject the doctrine of the Trinity and because they believe in certain special personal revelations of the Bible which are not accepted by the global church. This group believes that William Branham, a well-known American preacher in mid-twentieth century was the last prophet of God on earth.

This innovation rejects Trinity and is a new form of a deceiving doctrine in the history of the church which is called "Modalism". This way of thinking is split into different branches all around the world in which people have lots of similar ideas. Though this group does not like to be called "Jesus Only"!

Although these Non-Trinitarian Christians in Iran call themselves the "Church of Iran", they have no relationship with the official churches of Iran. They are active in Karaj and other cities in Iran, and have been spreading their teaching throughout those areas of the country.

Although the official churches and other Christians in Iran disagree with the theology of this group, we pray for Nadarkhani's immediate release as a human being who has the right to his own belief. We urge the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran to free him and allow him to exercise his human and civil rights to choose his faith.

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