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Two of the seven non-Trinitarian Christians arrested last month in Shiraz have been temporarily released on bail.

According to the reports received at Mohabat News, two non-Trinitarian Christians have been temporarily released on bail in Shiraz.

The reports say Ms. Roxanna Foroughi, and Mr. Bijan Haghighi, members of a non-Trinitarian group known as "Church of Iran", were released one week apart, after posting the appropriate bail.

The reports state, Mr. Bijan Haghighi was released on October 25 and a week later on November 1, Ms. Roxanna Foroughi was also temporarily released.

The families of the two prisoners submitted the title deeds of their houses as bail to secure their release.

Roxanna Foroughi and Bijan Haghighi were among seven people arrested earlier by plain-clothes security authorities in Shiraz.

According to previously published news, on October 12, 2012, security authorities raided a gathering place of the group located at Jomhouri Street in Shiraz where they arrested seven members of the so called "Church of Iran" group.

The reports indicate the seven arrested were immediately transferred to the Intelligence Office's detention center, known as "Pelak 100".

Also, a member of the group told Mohabat News that Mrs. Afsar Bahmani was released the day after she was arrested. The conditions under which she was released are still unknown.

Mrs. Afsar Bahmani was arrested on October 19, 2012 along with another member of the group, Masoud Rezaei. They were summoned to the Intelligence Office in Shiraz where they were arrested upon arrival. It is said that Mrs. Bahmani was suffering heart and kidney problems when she was arrested and needed medical care.

Following the first attack and arrest of seven non-Trinitarian Christians, the Revolutionary Guard supported Fars news agency published a report on October 15 and claimed that four illegal networks known as "underground churches (house churches)" were identified in Shiraz and their leaders had been arrested. The report did not mention any details.

The report categorized such meetings (house churches) as illegal. It also affiliated those arrested with what they called "Zionist propaganda institutions" abroad. They also claimed these people are supported by the U.S. and Britain.

The members of the group who are still in prison are Behnam Irani, Mohammad Roghangir (also known as Vahid), Soroush Saraei, Eskandar Rezaei, Mehdi Ameruni and Shahin Lahouti.

No other update is available on their situation.

The non-Trinitarian Christians in Iran, who have called themselves "Church of Iran", closely follow the teachings of William M. Branham, an American preacher who claimed to be the last prophet of God on earth.

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