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Torture of a convert by Iranian regime


Iran burned New Testments !

A number of plain-clothes authorities who were said to be from Iranian Cyber Police forces raided a Christian convert's home in Gorgan searching it thoroughly. They had his arrest warrant with them but had no warrant giving them permission to search his home.

According to Mohabat News, received reports indicate that the Iranian Cyber Police, known as FTA, raided the residence of Alireza Ebrahimi, a Christian convert. They intended to arrest him as they had his arrest warrant. Also, the authorities in plain clothes searched the house without having the required permission.

According to the reports, the security authorities had already raided Mr. Ebrahimi's home on May 30, 2012, confiscating his personal belongings including his personal laptop, articles, notes and books related to Christianity.

Gorgan-mapPrior to the attack, they had come to arrest him on May 27, but Mr. Ebrahimi was not present at his home. Speculating that he might have gone to his friends, the authorities raided the homes of two Christian friends of Mr. Ebrahimi. The two arrested the same day were Saeed Mirzaei and Sadegh Mirzaei, Christian converts who were charged with propagating against Islam and action against national security. No precise information is available on their situation ever since.

Alireza Ebrahimi converted to Christianity three years ago. He is a Christian blogger who has also been active evangelizing through social media like Facebook. Although there is a possibility that he might have left the country, the Iranian Cyber Police are still searching to arrest him.

Mr. Ebrahimi, used to evangelize through the internet together with some other Christian converts including Saeed Mirzaei and Sadegh Mirzaei who are currently detained by the Cyber Police.

-The Cyber Police Deals with Anti-Religion Websites

Not long ago the Iranian Cyber Police Chief announced they are determined to deal with anti-religion websites. In an interview with one of the domestic news services, commander Seyyed Kamal Hadiyanfar said, "We will definitely deal with anti-religion websites and weblogs and those who are promoting riots in cyber space."

"Any group which targets people's lives or wealth or is using cyber space to disturb religious relations and create division among religions will be dealt with", he added.

-The Cyber Police (FTA)

Iranian Cyber Police which in short is known as "FTA" was launched on January 23, 2011. The Cyber Police force is a special unit and division of the official Iranian Police. The term "FTA" in Persian stands for the police of information production and communication. The unit's primary task is to monitor cyber-crimes and closely watch Iranian bloggers' activities.

Sattar Beheshti, the laborer and blogger who was tortured to death, had been arrested without an arrest warrant by the Iranian cyber police as well. He had been arrested on October 30 for "action against national security through social media activities" and eventually tortured to death on November 3 in a police detention center.

Ahmadreza Radan, deputy commander of the Iranian police, said that he is sorry for Sattar Beheshti's death.

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