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The issue of Hijab in Iran is becoming more like a mockery every day. In its latest decision to impose Islamic veiling for women, Iranian authorities announced they will seize "Christian Nun style" scarfs from shops in Qom province.

According to Mohabat News, the news website, Shabake-e-Iran, reported that authorities will seize head scarfs similar to Christian nuns' head-scarfs.

Recently, a new model of head scarf is being sold in women's clothing shops in Qom that is believed to be similar to Christian nuns' head-scarfs. The report also states, this style of head scarf leave women's ears and neck uncovered, which should be covered according to Sharia law.

The report claims this head covering is similar to a Christian nun's covering!

The news website added, after this style of head scarfs, known as the Christian nun style, was distributed, supervising authorities closed 8 distribution and two production units as part of an action they describe as standing against the distribution of western culture. In this respect, a large number of these head scarfs were confiscated.

It is also said that the new style has been welcomed by many (women in Qom) because of its new and attractive design.

For a head-scarf design to be approved and freely sold in the country, it seems it should be according to the taste of a specific group. The new designs should not be similar to any other designs or else they will be considered as the west's cultural invasion!

Qom, located 132 KM South-West of Tehran, is one of the most religious cities in the country. The Islamic regime of Iran calls the city the spiritual capital of the Islamic world and believes the city is the birth place of the Islamic Revolution. Also, it claims that pure Islamic thoughts are being exported from this city to the world.

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