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Maryam Naghash-Zargaran -Evin prison


Ebrahim Firouzi - Evin prison


Detained Christian- Saeed Abedini


Detained Christian- Shiraz ,Iran


Detained Christian-Tehran Iran


Torture of a convert by Iranian regime


Iran burned New Testments !

Agents of the Iranian Intelligence Office arrested two members of a non-Trinitarian group, known as "Church of Iran", in Rasht. Security authorities raided and thoroughly searched the homes of the two men on the last day of 2012, arrested the men and transferred them to an unknown location.

According to Mohabat News, Mr. Kourosh Lahouti, spokesperson of the "Church of Iran" group, said in an interview with Rahsa News that the two who were arrested are identified as Mohammad-Reza (Yohan) Omidi and Behzad Ta'ali Pasand.

He did not mention details of their arrest nor did he give any reason for their detention.

Mr. Lahouti also addressed the situation of other members of their group who are in prison. Giving the latest updates on Messrs. Alireza Seyyedian and Mohammad-Reza Hosseini, he said, "They are currently being held in Evin prison. However, in recent months, some members of the "Church of Iran" group including Messrs. Vahid Roghangir, Soroush Saraei and others members of Shiraz house church were arrested. They are in an uncertain situation in custody and their cases are not being processed further."

It is worth noting that Yousef Nadarkhani, another member of the non-Trinitarian group who had been facing the death penalty and was later released as a result of international pressure, was arrested for the second time on December 25, Christmas day, following an earlier sentence issued by the Revolutionary Court in ... He was summoned to the Lakan prison of Rasht to serve the remaining 45 days of his three year sentence.

It is also reported that there are still concerns over the health of Behnam Irani. He is also a member of the same group whose fellow members refer to him as pastor. The prison authorities do not provide the required medical care for Mr. Irani who is imprisoned in Karaj.

It should be remembered that the group known as the "Church of Iran, have no relationship with the official churches in Iran. They are followers of William M. Branham. Their faith is in line with a "Jesus Only" cult and is not accepted by Protestant or Catholic Christians due to their rejection of the Holy Trinity. Because of their unorthodox personal interpretations of the Bible they were given the non-Trinitarian title.

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