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The Christian young man was arrested at the same time as Iranian security authorities arrested a group of Christians in Tehran. After almost a month, this Christian convert remains in prison, as judicial authorities refused to accept bail for his release.

According to Mohabat News correspondents, Mostafa Bordbar, a Christian convert, was arrested during the Christmas celebrations by security authorities in Tehran and is still being held in Evin prison.

Mostafa Bordbar who is 26 years old, is a resident of Rasht. As reported earlier, he had attended a party held to celebrate Christmas together with fellow Christian converts, when security authorities arrested him.

To date, there has been no report on how he was arrested.

According to reports published earlier, on Thursday December 27th, approximately 50 newly converted Christians had gathered at a residential home in the Northern district of Tehran to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the occasion of Christmas. Fifteen plain-clothes security authorities raided the party and interrogated all attendees on the spot before permitting them to leave the place. At the same time, Pastor Vruir Avanessian, an Iranian-Armenian pastor, was arrested as well. This occurred while he was in fragile physical condition. He was temporarily released on bail after 15 days and now awaits his trial.

Knowledgeable sources told Mohabat News, that after arresting Mostafa Bordbar, that night, security authorities attacked his brother's home in Tehran and searched it thoroughly. When the authorities were unable to find any evidence of Mostafa's Christian faith, they left the place and took Mostafa with them.

From there, he was transferred to Evin prison, where he was interrogated. He was not permitted to contact his family during the time he was being interrogated. In a brief phone call, after two weeks, he told his family that he was in a good health.

Mr. Bordbar's family repeatedly tried to obtain a visitor's permit from judicial authorities afterwards. They even went to the detention center of Evin prison, but were not allowed to visit him.

- Release Bail Rejected

Reports indicate that judicial authorities have issued a decision allowing Mr. Bordbar to be temporarily released on bail until his trial is held. However, one month after his arrest, judicial authorities have refused to accept the deed of a residential house provided by the Bordbar family, saying the property is located in another county (Rasht). Thus the Christian convert still remains in prison.

The Iranian judicial authorities have asked the Bordbar family to provide a deed for a property in Tehran. Meanwhile, it seems he will remain in prison until either the current deed provided by the family is accepted or the family will submit another deed.

Prior to this incident, Mostafa Bordbar had been arrested by security authorities in 2009 for converting to Christianity and attending a house-church. At that time he was convicted by Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court for "apostasy" and released on bail after all court processes. However, the conviction was kept in his record (supporting documents are available to Mohabat News, but are kept confidential).

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